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Independent of these causes of red urine, when animals urinate on snow, it often appears to have a red tint. However, this is a false impression due to the white background and light reflection. Also, on rare occasion, certain drugs or medicines can cause the urine to appear darker or red. Goat P #5 #5 Goat P (Goat Pee, Goat Piss, Gold, Yellar, ect) provides tons of grip and stays in the tire to drop the durometer considerably. Be careful, as the #5 Goat P will soften the tire enough to cause feathering on a hard track. Goat P can applied externally in coats with a brush or roller. No matter what you are racing. Stock cars,Sprint cars,Mini Sprints,Go Karts,Truck pulling or RC cars Goat pee is the place to start for more grip. This is the purest form, not watered down with mineral spirits or WDThis prep works best when you need more bite. If .

Goat pee video
Goat pee video

Bob's 4 Cycle List of Sponsors. Results 1 to 22 of goat pee video Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Nov Posts 2. How bad is goat pee on tires and is the tires any good after you use goat pee.
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Goat pee video
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