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Gluteal flap breast reconstruction watch online

Gluteal flap breast reconstruction
Gluteal flap breast reconstruction

Breast reconstruction using autologous tissue has been performed for several decades and has become a safe and reliable technique. However, in patients who are very thin or who had previously undergone abdominoplasty or prior breast gluteal flap breast reconstruction with an abdominal flap, a gluteal flap can be an excellent alternative. The reconstructed breast mound using gluteal flaps may have more projection, but not be as soft or mobile as when using abdominal flaps. In patients with inadequate abdominal tissue gluteal flap breast reconstruction in whom an abdominal flap had been used before, gluteal flaps present an alternative for autologous breast reconstruction. In patients with a sagging buttock, the IGAP flap is usually preferred.
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Gluteal flap breast reconstruction
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